Who we are

NK International BV

is a boutique investment house that
creates international investment
opportunities for shareholders and
selected partners.

Our Investment Partners

are from all over the globe. We have built
up relationships over decades of doing
business together.

Our Investment Portfolio

is based on historical successes as well as
newly identified international opportunities.
We invest globally.

What we do

Our investment strategy is based on a thorough knowledge of both investor requirements and the industries we invest in. We create cross border financial structures which provide sustainable earnings. We firmly believe in creating continuous, sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Identify investment

We do rigorous and critical analyses
before we make investment decisions.
We only invest in enterprises that
provide sustainable earnings in the long
term. Since we believe investment
analysis should go beyond the numbers,
we use the specialised and diverse
skills of our team of competent people.


We structure investments as effectively
as possible within international legal
frameworks. Our aim is to provide our
investment partners with the highest
possible sustainable returns.


Our current secured investments form
the base of our activities. We co-invest
in most cases, therefor we do not have
clients. We have partners.

Investment structuring
and implementation

We decide on a suitable, effective investment
structure and we determine the most effective
balance between gearing and equity. Then we
implement the financial structures within a
well-defined legal framework.

Investment Management

We manage our investments on an ongoing basis
and restructure them if needed. We are hands on
investment managers and are of the opinion that
financial and operational reporting are key to any
successful investment relationship.

Interviews and Business Insights