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Margerite Nieman
Margerite has a multidimensional skill set, which includes degrees in Fine Arts, Accounting and a Masters Degree in Futures Studies. She has a unique ability to combine her different fields of expertise in the creation of a knowledge base for global future trends and novel business models. Her focus is on the holistic understanding of the future context and orientation of businesses. She currently resides in the Netherlands.
Coen van der Tas
Coen has 30 years’ experience in the global leisure industry. He managed several tourism companies worldwide. He specialises in restructuring operating models to rebuild outdated operational systems. Coen is not only a businessman and entrepreneur, but also a ski instructor and adventurer. He lives in Maastricht.
Anton Keet
With degrees in Accounting and Law and a Masters Degree in Futures Studies as a background, Anton has built a network of mutually beneficial international commercial partnerships through shared value systems based on trust and mutual respect. Amongst others, he is involved in direct investment, investment management, investment facilitation and scenario development with like-minded partners in order to achieve sustainable, positive outcomes.
Piet Nieman
Piet is a banker by profession, with experience in all aspects of banking since 1993. After working in the formal banking sector, he established his own international consulting platform, which includes Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Private Equity. He currently resides in the Netherlands.